The physical science basis

The work originates in the question of how we can have incompatible ways of seeing climate change, when science is largely present. Extensive amounts of more or less coherent information does challenge our sense-making, and the work deals with how data syncs with our notion of nature.

In the work pages from ipcc reports are layered on photos of nature, with and approach that makes it harder to read them, although not impossible. To see the text one has to get close, to see the image one has to step back. This draws on the notion that science and data relates to something underlying. And it encourages an immediate experience of the blending of photos of nature and climate reports when looking at the works. The colors in the works are digitally layered, furthering the approach.

The Physical Science Basis is the title of the main series of ipcc reports on climate. The works are named after chapters where the relevant excerpts are taken from. 



Equilibrium 01, 2020

Equilibrium 02, 2020

Atlas of global and regional climate projections, 2020

Observations: atmosphere and surface 01, 2020

Information from paleoclimate archives, 2020

Interlinkages, 2020

Observations: atmosphere and surface 02, 2020

Observations: atmosphere and surface 03, 2020

Framing and context, 2020

Mitigation pathways 01, 2020

Mitigation pathways 02, 2020

Strengthening and implementing the global response, 2020