The physical science basis

Pages from ipcc reports are layered on photos of nature, making both the image and the data turbid. The colors in the works are digitally layered, furthering the approach. The Physical Science Basis is the title of the main series of ipcc reports on climate. The works are named after chapters where the relevant excerpts are taken from.

The work is a visual study of how or whether data contribute to our abilities to see larger, deeper processes in our local, natural environments. It connects broad, global climate science visually to local nature, motivated by the sense of distance between the two. If data and science have a different effect on us than our first hand experiences, to what degree is it able to influence us? Extensive amounts of information does challenge us in our sense of clarity.



Equilibrium 01, 2020

Equilibrium 02, 2020

Atlas of global and regional climate projections, 2020

Observations: atmosphere and surface 01, 2020

Observations: atmosphere and surface 02, 2020

Framing and context, 2020

Mitigation pathways 01, 2020

Mitigation pathways 02, 2020

Strengthening and implementing the global response, 2020