While the ice was in transition through the ice age, becoming larger and smaller and pulsating, it absorbed rocks, some very large. And through melting leaving them somewhere different than where they were before. Traces like these can be found in various places, together with other ways mountains and nature are formed and transformed of ice, and have become moraines.

There is a short way (though sometimes a little longer) from one state to a very different one, for the same thing. It’s difficult to want to withstand a process or passing state because it’s in conflict with a set categorization or definition. Still we are categorical beings and drawn between the duality of the moving and unmoving, the solid and fluid.

“The atoms of our body, as well, flow in and away from us. We, like waves and like all objects, are a flux of events; we are processes, for a brief time monotonous” -Carlo Rovelli.

Glacial erratic. Mud puddle. A memory. Girl in motion. Broken glass. The hight of trees. Hand with sand. Sand with hand. Flowers in a green field. Heat.