Anatomy of plastic

The work is a study of plastic as imitator, deliberate or coincidental, of objects and matter. An extension of a thing or fully a thing of it’s own, from the microscopic to cosmic. Various plastic items are photographed, and they have in common this intended function of facilitating longer-lastingness, an extension of vitality. The items are photographed carefully, as if they’re something significant. The photos are colorized by AI, adressing the issue of authenticity, as plastic itself does. Some of the keywords that was generated on the works by the colorizer was skin, tissue, insect, lung, typhoon, asteroid, gemstone, while the subjects are in origin plastic, in part or as a whole. The production level of plastic is only increasing and the material is intrinsic to our everyday life and systems of living. The compositions of objects and contexts in the work explore our process of navigating plastic’s place in our physical environment. And ways our manufacturing and use of plastic complicate our relationship to temporality and endlessness.