Cheesecake ring, 2021

Lock for pump on a soap dispenser, 2021

Sheet between parathas, 2021

Baca dampsperre 01, 2021

Baca dampsperre 02, 2021

Baca dampsperre 03, 2021

Plastic boxes wrapped in plastic 01, 2021

Plastic boxes wrapped in plastic 02, 2021

Toppits plastfolie 01, 2021

Toppits plastfolie 02, 2021

Glove, 2022

Wrapped broccoli 01, 2021

Wrapped broccoli 02, 2021

Petri dish, 2021

Cover for clips, 2021

Figurine, 2021

Arms of two chairs 01, 2021

Arms of two chairs 02, 2021

Encapsulation of plastic

In the work, plastic is centered as a sign of our pursuit to make things last longer and be more viable, an extension of vitality. Various plastic items are photographed, and they have in common this function of shielding something from decomposing, being exposed or contaminated, losing its shape, breaking. Of being an encapsulating barrier.

The work places manufactured plastic items and material in a context referring to basic matter or structures. Drawing on scientific imaging-techniques which informs our visual understanding of this. The items are photographed carefully, as if they’re something significant. The compositions of objects and contexts in the work seek to make it harder to define plastic as either beneficial or non-beneficial. This is based on the conflicting nature of what we know about the damaging effects of plastic and yet how it’s embedded in our everyday life and systems of living. How this channels another type of temporality, temporality being part of what we are initially trying to minimize with the plastic.